About Fantag

Fantag makes applications and embeddable technology that lets everyone access video moments that matter to them. Our focus is on helping content creators and app developers create, identify, package and distribute those meaningful video highlights in ways that help them reach more customers and generate more revenue.

Whether our patented video synchronization technology is integrated into your favorite app, or made available to fans by live event producers, we are powering innovative video experiences and creating a world where no moment is ever lost.

Fantag was founded on the simple idea that people want an easier way to identify, capture and share important video moments from events.

When founder Brian Dombrowski worked for the San Jose Sharks, he spent hours filming, breaking down video, and preparing it for review and analysis. People would often ask him to create video highlights of specific plays that were important to them. But due to the sheer number of requests, he often couldn’t provide these customized videos in a timely manner, or at all. He noticed the same challenge existed when he started filming high school and club sports. Wouldn’t it be great, he thought, if we could crowdsource all the video being captured, identify the moments that are important to people, send them all to a centralized location, and provide an easier way for organizations to manage and share that video content with all their audiences?

Brian brought this vision to his friend, co-founder Scott Bennett, and Fantag was born.


Fantag simplifies the process of unlocking moments from video and makes it easy for everyone to identify, capture and share highlights from life’s experiences.

What makes Fantag special is the patented technology that connects the video creators to the video consumers. With this, fans are able to identify and relive their favorite moments instantly. No more tracking down video clips of that play you missed or highlight that you want to share with others.  And content creators can easily deliver the best parts of their content to a broader audience without any extra work or stress.

All video from any event, ranging from official videography to footage from from fans’ phones and tablets, can be synced and centrally managed. This makes it easy for content owners to access and share their video with all the audiences that matter, and even brand or monetize content after the event.

Whether you are a live event streamer or videographer, or you have an application or platform with a community of users - use Fantag technology to engage your users, reach more customers, and generate more revenue.


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