IHSSN Uses Fantag to Generate Nearly 300,000 Views on Social Media

How the Iowa High School Sports Network (IHSSN) was able to generate nearly 300,000 social media views using instant highlights from the Iowa High School State Baseball Championships using only Fantag, a two-person team and tapping into an existing live broadcast. 

Over a ten-day span, IHSSN used Fantag at the 2019 Iowa High School State Baseball Championships to create instant highlights and push them to social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. In that time, IHSSN was able to generate nearly 300,000 views among the three platforms, 952,500 Twitter Impressions and obtain nearly 600 new social media followers all created by a two-person team. IHSSN, a live streaming company for the Iowa High School State Championships, uses Fantag as a way to engage and reach new audiences through social media which ultimately creates an increase in viewership for their live-streamed events.  

How IHSSN Implements Fantag

IHSSN takes its broadcast feed and sends it into a program called Livestream. From Livestream they stream the feed to their IHSSN website and to Fantag. Sending the feed to Fantag enables them to capture instant highlights through the Fantag mobile app. While either watching the live stream in real-time or live at the event, a member of IHSSN (usually Scott Fuller, General Manager/Marketing Director) simply presses the Fantag button at any moment to grab highlights. Brady Fuller (Director of Events) usually at the office or at home, watches the highlights come in on her computer on Fantag Manager and posts them to social media. It takes her about 1-2 minutes on average to post each highlight. She downloads them as mp4 files then uploads them to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

299,622 Views of Highlights Between Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all created using Fantag

Breaking Down Fantag and Social Media Use

- Live broadcasted and used Fantag from July 26- August 4 (10 days) 

- 129,818 Total fans tuned into their live stream 


- 28 Total Created Events in Fantag

- 576 Highlights Created in Fantag



- 952,500 Impressions 



- 387 New Followers

- 33,300, The Most Views on a Single Highlight



Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 11.02.07 AM.png



- 198 New Followers

- 1,342 Page Views

- 18,246 Post Engagements

- 55,043 Reach


299,622 Views of Highlights Between Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


IHSSN brings high school state championships to life through television and live streaming. Since 2006, IHSSN has broadcast thousands of events successfully to a growing audience of high school sports fans. In 2018-2019 IHSSN will stream championships to more than 500,000 viewers. 

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Brandon Cremeen