4 ways Fantag benefits your school

If you’re taking the time to live stream your games, you want to ensure that footage can be easily used for other purposes, such as for promotion, distribution to interested parties, content for curriculum, and even to help boost fundraising efforts. The more places and people that can access and make use of that footage, the better your Return on Investment (ROI) of your initial live streaming efforts.

Adding Fantag as part of your streaming workflow lets you access and deliver your footage in a variety of ways that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Here are 4 great ways Fantag benefits your school:

1. Increased Engagement

Hardly anyone will watch the recording of a game after it's done; the thrill of the game is totally gone. If you want to increase viewer engagement, you have to do it live. And just because you’ve decided to live stream, doesn’t mean that people will watch it. You need to promote your live streamed game to your audience, ideally as the game is happening.

With Fantag, you can create instant video highlights of the action during the game. You can easily share and upload those videos to give your followers an update of your game and remind them they can watch your live stream.  Keep them engaged no matter where life takes them.

2. Customized content for everyone

Speaking of video highlights, many people will pull out their cameras at games, hoping to capture clips of the moments they care about. But often people aren’t filming at the right moment and miss it. Or their phone doesn’t have the storage to capture all the footage they want, or they’re not in a good location to capture a good angle of the play.

With Fantag, anyone can capture their own video highlights directly on their phones – without having to record the video themselves. When a remarkable play happens, anyone can tap the Fantag button in the free mobile app, and our patented technology jumps back 10-15 seconds in time and delivers a video highlight of that moment. You can save your highlight, share it, and even edit its length. No video editing skills needed.

3. New Revenue

Schools can always use more funds. Booster clubs, students, and school staff often use fundraisers or sell sponsorships to raise money for everything from team uniforms to equipment to travel costs.

Fantag provides an additional opportunity to raise money for your team with a sponsor loading image that will appear on every highlight and highlight reel during your games. Anyone who creates or views a highlight will see a 3-second loading image of your sponsor’s logo. Your content can literally pay for itself.

4. Student Involvement

Highlight clips and reels aren’t only an asset for your viewers; they can also provide your students with hands-on learning opportunities in video editing, production, and social media marketing.

With broadcasting and technology classes in place at a lot of schools, hands-on experience complements what students are learning in class. Fantag highlights can be centrally accessed and stored, so you can easily give anyone at your school access. That content can be used in class as the basis for video editing projects, or to build marketing and promotion skills

Never before has it been so easy for sports teams to share important moments with their fans. Fantag not only provides a fantastic way to engage your fan base, but it’s also a game-changing opportunity to earn additional revenue and enrich your students’ out-of-the-classroom experiences.

How do you use Fantag to benefit your school?



Lynn Elliott