Give every parent a virtual FRONT ROW SEAT at GRADUATION this year

When my oldest child was a senior in high school, I received the advice to donate to the school and ask for a VIP seat at his graduation.  It was money well spent — there were thousands in attendance in the football stadium and several hundred had arrived early that morning to save the only decent bleacher seats.

I found myself front and center in a prime location.  When my son crossed the stage and celebrated with diploma in hand, I was able to capture that special moment on my phone and share it with family immediately.  I then took a clip of one of his friends and texted it to his parents up in the top row.  They were so excited and appreciative.  That encouraged me to keep taking similar videos of 50+ other kids and share with their parents.  That was a great feeling.  However, that took days tracking down phone numbers to share the clips with them — even years later, I think I still have a few clips that I never could pass along.  That was not a great feeling.

When I first learned of Fantag, I had a flashback to that graduation experience and discovered Fantag’s technology essentially automates the process I went through.  It just makes sense — people get the highlights they want from the best angles possible.  It doesn’t require any work and nobody has to collaborate with each other.  Fantag automates and syncs everything so fans and followers get all of the benefits without any of the hassle from exchanging video clips.

This can be done by any school in three simple steps:

1 — Before the event, sign up for a free trial of Fantag Manager (see more at  You can establish a team for the school and then create the Graduation event in the “Other” category.  It’s also an option to brand the highlights using the school logo as a watermark and even monetize the event by displaying a sponsor image for two seconds prior to the highlight.

2 — At the event, set up at least one connected camera (preferably a phone or tablet with the Fantag mobile app already downloaded on it).  It’s best to position this on a tripod in front of the stage.  When the event begins, launch the capture app in the event which will appear in the app (we recommend that you have an external charger to make sure you have enough battery).

3 — Before and at the event, announce this special opportunity to all of your graduates and their families.  They can simply download the mobile app and register for free.  Once they arrive at graduation, they can join the event.  After any special moment, they can tap the Fantag button and instantly watch, edit, download and share a 15-second jumpback from as many cameras that were approved to capture the action.

Fantag lets you give every parent a virtual front row seat at this year’s graduation.

Congratulations on another school year!  Have fun with Fantag — and once you experience the benefits, I encourage you to use Fantag at your next sporting event, musical performance or school rally.