Produce Highlights On A School Budget

Why Create Short Form Video?

Here at Fantag, our platform provides an easy way to create highlight clips of games, events, or important ceremonies. We’re very bullish on short-form video and its growing relevance, but don’t just take our word for it!

Bite-sized video clips are increasingly becoming the main way we are creating memories, sharing content, and driving conversions online. The myriad tools and creative options available to an enterprising videographer for creating video highlight clips are nearly endless. However, if you are constrained by a tight budget and don’t know where to look for support, the process can feel daunting.

Let us help provide clarity as you move from brainstorm to shareable video clips

Individuals and organizations who are able to create quality video collateral not only drive their own narratives, but increase audience engagement, and will gain the upper hand as more platforms and content vie for our ever-decreasing attention spans.

Why Admin Should Care

In the context of a school, the capability to create quality video can be especially meaningful. For a student body who are in a formative part of their lives, while also quickly transitioning through grade levels and graduation, being able to capture important moments is paramount. A quality video can literally be the cornerstone of how they remember not only their time on campus, but this meaningful epoch in their lives.  

Leveraging the new tools available (while still being mindful of resources) a thoughtful teacher or media director can help students cross the chasm of being pure digital consumers, into empowering them to learning skills that allow them to wade into the possibilities of digital creation. This will help them refine the skill of learning that will serve them well after their academic careers are complete, and they will be better prepared as they enter into the constantly shifting 21st century workforce.

Video done well can also be a powerful communication tool to the neighborhood and city the school serves. Alumni and family members of current students can stay informed about events and happenings on campus simply by viewing video collateral.

Equipment and Costs

If you have a phone that runs the Android or iOS operating systems, data or Wi-Fi connectivity, and a steady hand, that would be enough to utilize Fantag and create highlights at games, events, and meaningful ceremonies.

Though to start, we would recommend utilizing a stabilizer (tripod, monopod) and clip to connect your phone to your handheld camera mount

Tripods - Start at $3.49 USD and are great for steady shots from a single angle

Monopods - Start at $10.70 USD and allow for steady movements to capture dynamic action shots

Mounts - Start at $1.49 USD. These are a necessary evil to connect your phone to the stabilizer

We found that 77% of teachers and media professionals in education who took part in a large survey use B&H to find their video and audio equipment, so our recommendations point you there.


Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 12.21.45 PM.png

In early June, we partnered with the California Interscholastic Federation and FloSports to help provide highlights for the 100th California State Track and Field Championships.


With Fantag, viewers were able to access hundreds of highlights from the prestigious meet and relive its most exciting moments. From these snippets, nearly twenty thousand impressions were created on Twitter alone, with almost 10k views of the highlights our team created.

Not only we were able to earn views, retweets, and likes, but we elicited emotional responses online and offline with our bite-sized videos.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 12.22.03 PM.png

With Fantag, some kind volunteer officials, and a cooperative sun, our team was able to get quality video highlights.

The only equipment used, to get an up close, live action shot of an amazing triple jump, was a steady hand and a monopod plus clip combination.





Takeaway - You can get started now!

Don’t let price or being unsure about what equipment to use be a barrier for you. With minimal budget, Fantag, and a network connection you can begin creating high quality, shareable video highlights today!

If you feel our perspective has been helpful, come back July 1 when we publish our “Complete Guide to LiveStreaming”. If you’d like reminders about when it will become available, Sign Up Here

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