SIDs and Athletic Directors:  Join the league of innovative colleges and universities that are using Fantag to engage their fans, monetize their content and save hours of time in post production.


Engage your fans at the event and at home.

By enabling your fans to easily capture, relive, and share their favorite moments with a simple tap of their finger on their mobile phones — and without having to record the video themselves — you can create unforgettable experiences for them. Fantag transforms fans into advocates for their teams with the power of bite-sized content that can be shared widely on social channels.

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Monetize more content.

With more plays and video angles, Fantag is enabling teams to dramatically increase their inventory of monetizable content so they can reinvest in the experience for their fans everywhere.

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Save hours of time.

Fantag lets you capture your highlights instantly, while the game is happening, saving you hours of time in post-game production. No more waiting until the game ends, and then pouring through hours of game footage to find moments that are worthy of highlights. Additionally, with Fantag Manager, creating a highlight reel is automated and as easy as selecting your favorite clips, and clicking a button.

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