Athletic Directors, Coaches, Principals, Media Teachers: Start leveraging the power of Fantag to organize and centralize all your teams' videos, easily share clips with your school community, exchange game film and provide an engaging curriculum tool.

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Store all your team videos in one place.

All video from an event, including from official videographers as well as from fans’ mobile phones, can be synced and centrally managed. This makes it easy for any admin or team member to access your video. No more asking around if someone recorded a play -- or tracking down clips from an official videographer. Life for the media club has never been easier! All your video is centrally located and easily accessed.

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Easily share highlights and clips.

Make, manage and share team video hassle-free with everyone who needs to use it. Coaches have highlights and replays instantly for in-game adjustments and post-game training. Scouts get real-time updates on their top recruits. Your school community and alumni can enjoy highlight reels from the game that just ended. Fantag makes sports video hassle-free.


Great teaching tool.

Fantag makes a fun addition to the curriculum for media classes or clubs. Stream your school's sports to Fantag, and tag highlights as they happen. This creates a lot of content for your students to use for highlights to create highlight reels, social media promotion, and even for school news programs. Watch how Center High School uses Fantag.


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Download the PDF Sales sheet to learn more.

Download the PDF Sales sheet to learn more.