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We’re changing the way the world experiences live events.


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What Fantag Can Do For You


Fantag enables people at live events to capture, replay, and share their favorite moments ... without having to record the video themselves. Fantag's patented platform delivers highlights from multiple angles right to your mobile phone. We are changing the way live events are experienced, shared, and monetized for fans everywhere.



It's the latest innovation in sports video. With the Fantag app -- now available in the App Store -- you can capture, relive, and share your favorite game moments with a simple tap of the finger on your mobile phone ... without recording the video yourself! Learn how easy it is to Fantag, and what you can do with the app at games that are Fantag-ready.


Sports Teams

High-school teams, college teams, and professional franchises are already enjoying the benefits of Fantagging.  Learn how Fantag is helping teams to easily create and share content via multiple social channels, and more effectively engage their fans by enabling them to capture, relive, and share their favorite moments, without having to record the video themselves. 

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Media & Content Companies

Media companies and distributors of sports content can use the Fantag platform to empower fans at live events. By enabling them to capture, relive, and share the moments that matter most to them, Fantag enables media and content companies to dramatically increase their inventory of monetizable content. 


Just a few of our fans.

The technology is literally a ‘game-changer’, and we are ready to bring it to our matches.
— Warren Smith, President and co-founder of professional soccer franchise the Sacramento Republic FC
Fantag has nailed the use case. Fantag puts the fan in control, with a technology platform that syncs with the network of professional cameras (and fan content) and distributes it directly into mobile apps in the hands of the fan. This is huge for sports.
— Gretchen Fox, Forbes
It’s easy to envision the tremendous world wide appeal for the Fantag technology.
— Scott Murray, VP of Corporate Marketing and Desktop Products, Telestream
Fans will soon be able to relive the glory of an unbelievable sports play with the tap of a fingertip.... With Fantag, fans can experience the best moments of a live event on a single platform.
— Alexa Renee, KXTV (ABC)
We look forward to working closely with Fantag to realize the full potential of video in youth sports.
— Terri Schmier, VP Product Management at TeamSnap
The time is right for investments in companies like Fantag.
— Lokesh Sikaria, Managing partner, Moneta Ventures
We continue to support tech companies [like Fantag] who want to grow and expand in Sacramento.
— Darrell Steinberg, Mayor of Sacramento
We showed Fantag the benefits of our region by giving them access to the innovation and talent Sacramento has to offer.
— Barry Broome, Greater Sacramento Economic Council CEO
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Straddling Sacramento And Silicon Valley

Fantag is part of a larger story -- the emergence of a single 'mega region.'  We're setting up dual offices in Sacramento and Palo Alto to leverage the best assets -- talent, partners, investors -- that the entire region has to offer.  We're also taking the opportunity to tap into the regional sports-and-entertainment ecosystem, which is coming alive in downtown Sacramento.


The Fantag Team


Brian Dombrowski - Founder and CEO


Cheryl Beninga - CFO


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John Stone COO



John Nogrady - CTO


Scott Bennett - Co-Founder and Chief Architect


Dan Spiteri - Mobile Development



Giovanni Rodriguez - CMO


Charlie Costantini - Chief Experience Officer


Lokesh Sikaria - Board Member



Bob Griswold - Advisor


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Barbara DeHart - Advisor


Charlie Tiersch - Advisor



Tim Peek - Advisor



Hiring later this year for the following:  

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If you enjoy working in an exciting fast paced learning environment focused on changing the way the world experiences live events we would love to hear from you. jobs@fantag.live