Fantag helps video content creators manage all their video in one place – for hassle-free sharing of highlights, clips, replays, and reels. The Fantag experience consists of the browser-based Fantag Manager, and the Fantag mobile app. Fantag Manager provides a toolkit for anyone who is live streaming or filming to centrally manage, brand and monetize their video content. The mobile app lets fans access the video clips created by the video content creator, and also create their own highlights from as many live video feeds that capture the action.


How it works.


Start with event@1x.png

It all starts with an event.

Start by creating your event in Fantag Manager. Give it a name and select a category. Choose a date, time, and location. Fantag will display your event to mobile app users that are within a 1 mile radius of your location. You can set up your event to allow fans to record to your stream, effectively becoming another camera angle; as well as allow them to create, share and download highlights.

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Good connectivity required.

At the game, ensure good WiFi or cell connectivity, and connect your camera to your event in Fantag, either through the Fantag mobile app with your phone or tablet, or by sending an RTMP stream from a WiFi-enabled or encoder-equipped camera. Then start recording the action!

Fantag Mobile and Fantag Manager@1x.png

One-click highlights, replays, and clips.

Once the action starts, it's simple to identify and share highlights as they happen. When a remarkable play happens, just tap the Fantag button on the mobile app or in Fantag Manager, and our patented technology jumps back in time and captures a video highlight of that moment from every angle capturing the action.

capture all the angles@1x.png

Capture all the angles.

You can use one camera or multiple cameras to stream to Fantag. You can choose to rely on your dedicated videographers, or you can allow more angles by letting fans contribute video from their phones as well. Let Fantag sync everything for you.

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Instant highlights delivered to phones.

When you tag a highlight, your video is visible in the app within seconds. Fans can watch, download and share via text, email or social. Teams can use their clips to promote the game as it’s happening. Coaches can access for in-game analysis and instruction. Scouts get real-time highlights of their potential recruits. When you have instant access to video, you've unlocked a trove of possibilities.

All events with Header@1x.png

Record everything, worry about nothing.

Never worry about missing an important play or moment again. If it’s streamed to Fantag, you can capture highlights as they happen. And even if you miss a crucial play, don’t worry -- chances are that someone captured it somehow. All the video is saved and accessible through Fantag Manager, so you can access it and do more with your video.

Group 26@1x.png

No more late nights.

Fantag lets you capture your highlights instantly, while the game is happening, saving you hours of time in post-game production. No more waiting until the game ends, then pouring through hours of footage to find moments that are worthy of highlights. With Fantag Manager, creating a highlight reel is automated and as easy as clicking your favorite clips, selecting your music, giving it a name and tapping "Create".

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Make Fantag work for you.

With options to add watermarks, sponsor logos and branding to all your highlight reels and clips, any team or organization can brand and monetize their video content. With Fantag, video becomes another asset that your team can use to build your brand or raise money.


Ready to start hassle-free video for your team?