Welcome To The Future Of Live Sports


With the Fantag app — available today in the App Store, and usable at games that are "Fantag-ready" —  you can capture, relive, and share your favorite moments with a simple tap of your finger on the app ... and without having to record the video yourself.  How?  Fantag synchs your app to cameras on the field that are recording the entire game for you from multiple angles. Learn how to get started using the app, and enjoying it.


Get the app here.


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Pick your event


This is easy. Just tap on the event you're at -- up to 30 minutes before it starts -- and you are ready to go! 

Fantag any moment

The fun begins. When you see a play that you like, just tap on the Fantag button and we'll send the highlight back to you within seconds!

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The Magic!

How did we do that? By synchronizing your app with cameras on the field.  You don't need to record the game to get the moments you want.



Get your play from multiple angles

Not only will you get the moment you want, but you will get them from the multiple angles from cameras on the field. This is the future where broadcasting means mobile multicasting, delivering the right plays from multiple points-of-view.

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Edit and share

Now you are ready to enjoy Fantag on whole other level. With super simple tools, you can edit your moments and share them across multiple social media channels.


Watch your highlights again

You will have the opportunity to enjoy your moments, again and again. "My Highlights" is a personal, modern-day video album of the moments that matter most to you.

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Open event creation

In ther upper right-hand corner of the 'Me' screen you will see the '+' (plus) sign. Tap it to get started.

For detailed information on how to create events, tap here.