Join The Next Generation Of Media/Content Companies

If you are a media company or distributor of sports content, Fantag can help you enter the new era of mobile video and dramatically increase your inventory of monetizable, fan-curated video.  It's the latest innovation in sports video technology, and we invite you to come join us in bringing it to the masses.

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Fans are the new 'producers'

In our world, fans are the new producers of monetizable content. Why? Because we've made it easy for fans to capture, relive, and share their favorite moments ... without having to record the video themselves. Media companies and content distributors can tap into this growing, virtual community of Fantaggers to connect with audiences everywhere. 


Multiple angles means more content

With Fantag, fans can capture, relive, and share their favorite moments from multiple angles from cameras that are recording the game. Multiple angles means more content. Better yet:  content that was had no value — because broadcasters chose not to use it — in now monetizable across a wide range of channels.

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The thrill of the arena ... without having to be there

Just as important, Fantag enables media companies and content distributors to provide their audiences with the experience of "being there," wherever they happen to be. The future of media and content is quickly moving toward immersive experiences.  Fantag can help your organization move boldly in this direction and with little effort. 



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