Welcome to Fantag Manager

Now that you've created an account, let's dig in and start using Fantag Manager!
Here are a few tips to get you started.

Create Team 2@1x.png

Step 1: Create your team

It all starts with a team. Your team page is the center of your team's activity. This is where you'll create events, as well as see past, and upcoming events. From here, you can also invite additional team members, and set up your broadcast streams. 

Invite member2@1x.png

Step 2: Invite team members

Once you join, you can invite other people to be part of your team! Parents, relatives, school alumni and other fans of your team can be included  Just let us know the intended person's email, and we'll take care of the rest 

Click on Membership in Fantag Manager (manager.fantag.live) to invite team members.

Create Event 2@1x.png

Step 3: Create your event

Now you're ready to create your event. Click the + Create Event link at the top of your screen. See our FAQ for more information on creating events.




Oh, and don't forget to download the mobile app!