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Our patented technology makes anything possible

Our special sauce is our ability to sync multiple video angles and disparate camera sources, and distribute meaningful moments from that video instantly to anyone who wants them, by request.

Send your video to Fantag in one of these ways.

  • Upload: Using our uploader application

  • Live Stream: Using our proprietary capture technology, or an RTMP stream

  • Smart Upload (hybrid stream/upload depending on bandwidth): Available using our capture technology

The result is that you can create a host of innovative and valuable video experiences within your own hardware, software, platform service, or application that will help you engage your community, acquire more customers, and generate more revenue.


Build a better video experience for your users

Whether your community is already using video, or you want video for your platform, our embeddable APIs and SDKs can help you build exactly what you need

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Make Your Apps Stickier

Keep users in your app longer and improve user engagement by integrating video capture and highlights directly in your product.

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Differentiate Your Product

Differentiate your product offering by integrating video capture, distribution and management features directly in your product.

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Earn More Per Customer

Generate more revenue per customer by combining video and video highlights with ad-based or transaction-based revenue models.


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Build low cost, high quality video ingest capabilities into your web or app, with easy, tap-of-a-button highlight capture. Lower cost of acquisition, use crowdsourced video, and more!

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Distribute video and highlights to a variety of destinations in-app or direct-to-consumer through SDKs, APIs or White-label pages.

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Embed management capabilities for all video content, and add optional features such as editing and highlight reel creation.

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