Use these logos, pictures and suggested PA reads and social media posts to help hype your Fantag-ready event before or during the game!



Download this zip file that holds all of Fantag's logo options as .PNG files. You can use these on your promotional content or as your loading image or watermark assets.


Promo Pictures

Download this zip file to use our pre-made pictures to promote your game. Or use the provided text overlay or template to use your own picture.


Print up these flyers and hand them out to fans at the venue, and explain, "Download the Fantag app to get instant replays and video highlights of today's game on your phone  - free!”


Sample PA Scripts

"A reminder that you can get instant video highlights right on your mobile phone at today’s event!  Simply download the Fantag app, and find tonight’s game in the listing of events.  In the app you can view instant replays and highlights during the game, and you can also tap the button to grab your own 15-second highlight of any moment you want to watch, download and share with family and friends.  It’s as if you captured the footage yourself! Once again, download the Fantag mobile app: F-A-N-T-A-G, — it’s FREE!"


"Fans, today's game is Fantag-ready! Download the Fantag app from the App Store or Google Play to receive and share highlights from the game!"


Sample Social Media Post

Today's [TEAM NAME] game will be Fantag-ready! Download the #Fantag App now to see and share instant replays and highlights from the game! #GameOn