Join The Team Of Teams That Are Fantagging

High-school teams, college teams, and professional franchises are beginning to leverage the power of Fantagging, one of the latest innovations in sports technology. Teams are engaging their fans, increasing their content inventory, and extending their reach by making their games Fantag-ready.

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Engage your fans ... at the event and at home

By enabling your fans to easily capture, relive, and share their favorite moments with a simple tap of their finger on their mobile phones — and without having to record the video themselves — you can create unforgettable experiences for them. Fantag transforms fans into advocates for their teams with the power of bite-sized content that can be shared widely on social channels.


Wow your fans with multiple angles

At every game that is Fantag-ready, fans can capture their favorite moments from multiple cameras already on the field. The Fantag Videographer Academy — a certified one-hour training conducted over the web — provides professional training for videographers who also want to capture additional angles to delight your fans everywhere. 


Monetize more content

By giving fans more plays and angles they can enjoy at the game — or from the comfort of their homes — Fantag is enabling teams to dramatically increase their inventory of monetizable content so they can reinvest in the experience for their fans everywhere.



Fantag can help your games become Fantag-ready with little effort and at no cost during our pilot program.  Just fill out the form and we will set up a time to talk. 

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