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Will I Fantag while I am recording the video?

Yes! When you are recording, the Fantag icon will appear in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. To tag a highlight, just touch the Fantag icon. An instant replay will be delivered to your mobile phone.

Where should I stand to film my game? (mid-field, elevated, or sideline)

You can stand at any location to record the action at a game. And, since you can capture many camera angles, you get to choose. At Fantag, we love how the sideline cameras capture the action. Make sure to include at least one in your setup.

I don’t see any events. Am I doing something wrong?

Events will be displayed if you are within one mile of a scheduled event and the start time of the event is within 30 minutes.

Should I stream over my cellular connection or over wifi?

Streaming over a wireless network is the preferred method as it does not use any cellular data. If this isn't feasible, streaming via your cellular connection will work great too.

How much battery does fantag use?

When using the Fantag app to capture highlights, battery usage is limited. When recording video, it is helpful to have an external battery available in case the battery runs low.

I’m on wifi but it’s not working. What's wrong?

Some venues may block sending live streaming content directly to platforms like fantag. If wifi is not working, this may be the case. You can ask the venue to whitelist or use your cellular services to record content.

How can I use a tripod or monopod with my mobile phone?

Mobile phones require an adapter clip to attach the phone to a monopod or tripod standard camera connection. These are inexpesive and available online.

My school is live streaming this game, can I use the live stream for fantag?

Yes! Many live streaming software products allow a second stream to be sent fantag. The setup is simple and can be found here.