We’re thrilled you’re interested in creating a Fantag-ready event. By making your event Fantag-ready, you’ll be creating a ton of value from your video and delivering a richer video experience to all of your audiences.

Whether you’re filming from a mobile device, making your live broadcast Fantag-ready, or capturing your event from multiple angles, the process for setting up your event is simple! Follow the steps below to create your Fantag-ready event.  


Lets get started.

2 plus sign screens@1x.png

Tap the '+' sign


Tap the '+' sign in the upper right hand corner of your screen to get started.


Fill out the form

Name your event with something descriptive and make sure to fill out all of the remaining fields.  

If you would like to create official team highlights and send them to your fans, make sure the 'Fantag and send to everyone' button is on.   Then, anytime you tap the Fantag button your highlights will be sent to all connected fans.

Create event@1x.png

Me Card@1x.png

Boom, that's it!

Your event has been created and you're ready for fans.


Tap the camera icon and the video capture screen will immediately open allowing you to record the event and fantag at the same time.  


Tap the stop event icon after your event is over. The card will collapse and remain in your Events I Created section.


Tap the pencil icon if you want to edit the event description, date, time, etc. 


Who can see my events?


Location and time are important

Fans and friends will see your event in the Live Events section of the app if their smartphone location services are active. Local events will be displayed first.

Events will show a 'PRE-GAME' status 60 minutes prior to the event starting.

Events will show a 'LIVE' status if the event has started streaming (recording video).



Who can see my events@2x.png

Countdown and Start FT@2x.png

Countdown to Fantagging

After your fans tap the event they want to join, they will see one of two screens:

A countdown clock will click off the minutes until the posted event start time. A good time for them to grab a snack.


The stream is LIVE and they will start to receive highlights from the team at events with an official Fantagger. Fans at the event will see the Fantag button and can tap it whenever they want to create their own highlights.


Get to know your recording screen

Video Capture Options@2x.png


I don’t see any events. Am I doing something wrong?

Events will be displayed if the start time of the event is within 60 minutes.

Why do I need to enable my location?

The Fantag app uses the location of your phone to show you which events are nearby. Your location services need to be active for Fantag to display those events.

Can I Fantag while I am recording video?

Yes! When you are recording, the Fantag icon will appear in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. To create a highlight, just touch the Fantag icon.

Where Should I stand to film my game? (mid-field, elevated, or sideline)

You can stand at any location to record the action at a game. And, since you can capture many camera angles, you get to choose. At Fantag, we love how the sideline cameras capture the action. Make sure to include at least one in your setup.

Should I stream over my cellular connection or over wifi?

Streaming over a wireless network is the preferred method as it does not use any cellular data. If this isn't feasible, streaming via your cellular connection will work great too.

How much battery does Fantag use?

When using the Fantag app to capture highlights, battery usage is limited. When recording video, it is helpful to have an external battery available in case the battery runs low.

I’m on wifi but it’s not working. What's wrong?

Some venues may block sending live streaming content directly to platforms like Fantag. If wifi is not working, this may be the case. You can ask the venue to whitelist fantag.live or use your cellular services to record content.

How can I use a tripod or monopod with my mobile phone?

Mobile phones require an adapter clip to attach the phone to a monopod or tripod standard camera connection. These are inexpesive and available online.

My school is live streaming, can I use the live stream for Fantag?

Yes! Many live streaming software products allow a second stream to be sent Fantag. The setup is simple and can be found here.