We’re thrilled you’re interested in creating a Fantag event. By making your event in Fantag, you’ll be creating a ton of value from your video and delivering a richer video experience to all of your audiences.

Let's get started!

Combo Event Creation 2@1x.png

Tap the '+' sign.

Tap the '+' sign in the upper right hand corner of your screen to start creating your event.

New Create Event Screen@1x.png

Choose event type.

You can create Personal events, or if you're part of a team, you can also create your Team events here.

Personal Event - Private: This event can only be seen by you and any highlights you create will only be visible to you.

Personal Event - Public: This event is visible to everyone within a mile of your event. Highlights can be created and seen by you or anyone who has access to your event.

Team Event - Public: This event is visible to anyone within a mile of your event, until your designated Team Fantagger tags highlights, which will make your event visible to anyone. Highlights can be seen and created by anyone who can access the event.

Team Event - Members Only: This event is only visible to members of your team. Highlights can only be seen and created by team members.

Team Sequence 3@1x.png

Fill in the details.

When you start a Team Event you'll be asked to fill in some details. Choose your team. Name your event. Use something descriptive and make sure to fill out all of the remaining fields.

If you would like to create official team highlights that get pushed to your fans, make sure you designate someone on your team to be an "Official Team Fantagger". Then, anytime they tap the Fantag button, highlights will be sent to all connected fans.

Upcoming and live Team events@1x.png

It's that simple.

Your event has been created and you're ready for fans.

Tap the camera icon and the video capture screen will immediately open allowing you to record the event and Fantag at the same time.

Tap the end event icon after your event is over. The card will collapse and remain in your Events I Created section.

Tap the pencil icon if you want to edit the event description, date, time, etc.

Who can see my events?

Time and Location 2@1x.png

Location and time are important.

The audience that can see and create highlights from your events depends on the type of event you created and the location of your fans in relation to the event.

Events will show a 'PRE-GAME' status 60 minutes prior to the event starting.

Events will show a 'LIVE' status if the event has started streaming (recording video).


Countdown to highlights.

After your fans tap the event they want to join, they will see a countdown clock that will click off the minutes until the posted event start time.

Two Ways@1x.png

Two flavors of highlights.

Once the stream is LIVE fans can either see highlights that are created by an official Team Fantagger, or they can create their own personalized highlights -- or in some cases, they can do both!

Get to know your recording screen

Diagram of recording New2@1x.jpg



I don’t see any events. Am I doing something wrong?

Events will populate the “Upcoming Events” screen within the app two (2) hours prior to the event start time

Why do I need to enable my location?

The Fantag app uses the location of your phone to know if you are within 1 mile of the event location. Users within the radius will be able to tag their own highlights. Users outside the radius will only be able to receive highlights tagged by the designated “Team Tagger”

Can I Fantag while I am recording video?

Yes! When you are recording, the Fantag button will appear in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. To create a highlight, just touch the Fantag button

Where should I stand to film my game? (mid-field, elevated, or sideline)

You can stand at any location to record the action at a game. For a single camera shoot, our recommendation would be an elevated (if possible) mid-field or center court set up. For a multi-camera shoot, we at Fantag recommend to include a sideline view of the action in your setup in addition to mid-field or center court.

Should I stream over my cellular connection or over WiFi?

Recording over a wireless network is the optimal experience. However, if WiFi is not attainable, you may be able to record and tag via your cellular connection. Data rates will apply.

How much battery does Fantag use?

When using the Fantag app to capture highlights, battery usage is limited. When recording video, it is helpful to carry an external battery in case the battery on your mobile device runs low.

I’m on WiFi but it’s not working. What's wrong?

Some venues may block the uploading of video directly to platforms like Fantag. If Wifi is not working, this may be the case. You can ask the venue to whitelist *.Fantag.live or turn to your cellular services to record content.

How can I use a tripod or monopod with my mobile phone?

Mobile phones require an adapter clip to attach the phone to a monopod or tripod standard camera connection. These are inexpensive and available online.

My school is live streaming, can I use the live stream for Fantag?

Yes! Many live streaming software products allow a second stream to be sent to Fantag. Learn how to make your live stream Fantag-ready by watching this How-to video.