Add Fantag Manager To Your Team

It's the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to manage all your video in one place, create highlight reels, and make the most of your video. With Fantag Manager you get:

Highlight Reels Grey@1x.png

Unlimited Highlight Reels

Automatically create highlight reels with just a few clicks. No editing experience required. Everyone on your teams can get highlight reels!

Sync multiple cameras Grey@1x.png

Multi-Angle Highlights

When you have multiple cameras filming, you get video highlights from every angle capturing the action.

Loading Image Grey@1x.png

Loading Images

Add sponsor logos that display before every highlight clip loads. This is a great way to raise money for your team or organization.

Central Storage Grey@1x.png

Central Storage

Easily find and access all your organization’s video in the cloud, in one easy location. No more thumb drives or calling around to find the person who has the video you need.

Stream Ready Grey@1x.png

Stream Ready Workflow

Tap into cameras that are already streaming your games, and use their footage for your highlights, to free you from filming.

Event Recaps Grey@1x.png

Event Recaps

After your game, see full-length game footage, plus all your highlights. Also see analytics that show the number of fans who joined your events, and the number of highlights created.

Branded Content Grey@1x.png

Branded Content

Add a watermark logo that will display in the top right corner of all your highlights. Brand your organization, or sell it as a sponsorship to raise money!

Full control Grey@1x.png

Full Controls

Control settings let you decide if fans can record, share, create and download highlights at your events. You can also designate official videographers and team Fantaggers.


Secret Powers for Fans at your event Grey@1x.png

Secret Powers

And of course, with Fantag, you give your fans the power to create their own, personalized highlights, that get sent directly to their phones - instantly. Magic!

You have nothing to lose, except the hassle of video.