Good-bye ReadyReplay, Hello Fantag!


Welcome to Fantag! Think of Fantag as ReadyReplay 2.0--That means a lot of what you liked about ReadyReplay plus a whole lot more! Like ReadyReplay, Fantag lets teams manage all their video in one place - for hassle-free sharing of highlights, clips, replays, and reels. The Fantag experience consists of a browser-based management console and a mobile app. The browser-based Fantag Manager provides a toolkit for teams, schools, and any organization to centrally manage, brand and monetize their video content. The downloadable mobile app allows fans to create highlights from live video feeds and also join the community in live streaming from different camera angles. For more information on Fantag, click here. Though we’re no longer storing old data or content from ReadyReplay, you might have questions. If you do, please email or visit our support page.

Many of you have been tracking our journey and evolution into Fantag. We are still very much active and doing some exciting things with sports video to help organizations, teams and families manage video and get the moments that matter most. We’re still very much dedicated to that mission, but will be doing it by providing our technology to partners looking to support these experiences themselves.

We’re excited about this next chapter in our company, and hope you will be a part of our community moving forward.

The Fantag Team