Powering a world of video highlights

Applications and embeddable technology that lets everyone access video moments that matter to them

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Product Owners

From video capture to video distribution and easy highlight creation, we have the SDK and API toolkits required to integrate video into your own application.

  • Enable video highlights within your software

  • Increase stickiness of your app or platform

  • Generate more revenue by monetizing video

Content Creators

Whether you are a parent or a professional videographer, Fantag lets you easily capture and share video highlights with just a tap of a button.

  • Let everyone get the highlights they want

  • Streamline post-production with instant highlights

  • Sell your video and highlights on your customized store


Think of the possibilities!

What can you power with video? There are a world of possibilities! Our video highlight technology ingests and syncs multiple video sources from an event and enables delivery of meaningful video highlights to anyone — instantly. Use our powerful suite of APIs and SDKs to build the solutions that work for your app or platform. Here are just a few ideas. We can’t wait to see what you build!

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Fan Generated Content

Add content from anyone’s phone cameras at your event into your live broadcast.

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“Redzone” Highlight Channel

Reduce costs to aggregate highlights from multiple events to create a dynamic highlight show.

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New Revenue Streams

Enable video and highlights in your app and monetize video with ads or sponsors.You could even enable the sale of highlights individually.

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User Generated Highlights

Automatically publish highlights from your users to your app or platform to add dynamic content to your app.

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Instant Replay

Access and display highlights in near-real-time to streamline live productions with instant replay.

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Complete Video Platform

From ingest to delivery and storage - use Fantag technology to power your entire video workflow.

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Check out what they’re saying

“With our Fantag integration, anyone on the sidelines or in the stands can record video, tag the exciting plays and instantly share highlights through TeamSnap Live! during the game.”

Terri Schmier, Chief Product Officer, TeamSnap



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