Three Ways to Make Your 4th of July Party Fantag-ready

Now that school is out, club sports are at a lull and summer is in full swing, you’re probably thinking of how to create more memorable content with Fantag. Well, look no further. With the Fourth of July right around the corner, we’ll outline three events during your celebration that will provide moments and memories you’ll want to capture in order to relive the nostalgia over and over again.

When I was growing up, my family and neighbors closed off our block and threw an epic block party where we had a parade, played games and of course lit fireworks. The parents, eager to catch every moment of their kin’s childhood had their camcorders out for the entire party. Times have changed and now with Fantag, you can record the event, tag and share the moments of the parade, games, and fireworks that are the most important.



Many big cities celebrate the Fourth of July with a parade through the middle of town. If your children are involved in the parade, this is a great opportunity to record the parade using Fantag and tag the moments of your children walking by. In the small town I grew up in, children were invited to decorate their favorite mode of transportation be it a scooter, bike, skateboard, rollerblades etc. The parade would start at the east edge of the main street and the mob of kids walked down the main street for everyone to cheer on. This was a great opportunity for parents to get footage of their kids involved in the community while having fun with their friends. Happy moments that can be relived in the future. Capturing these moments with Fantag will make viewing them later simple. Instead of having to scrub through the entire parade to find your children and all their friends, you will have the 15-second clips ready on the Fantag mobile app or on Fantag Manager waiting to be used in a Fourth of July highlight reel.



Fourth of July celebrations provide an excellent opportunity to get together with friends and family to cook and play games. Games like corn hole, washers, or ladder ball provide moments to be recorded and tagged with Fantag. Think about that moment when your child completes an improbable comeback against your neighbor in corn hole by sinking the last two bean bags in the hole; a moment you captured because you were recording the game in Fantag.



Your Fourth of July celebration would be nothing without some spectacular fireworks to cap off the day. If you’re like me, my family went to the local fireworks stands all over town to purchase fireworks to light ourselves in the street. However, that is far from the only way to see fireworks on the Fourth of July. Most cities provide a fireworks show at the end of the night where fireworks are launched into the air and light up the night sky. Whichever production you attend, there is a need for Fantag to capture those amazing moments. Our recommendation is to set up your phone or tablet on a tripod, open the Fantag app and record with a still focus on where the fireworks will be lit/going off. Give yourself an opportunity to capture the reaction of your children or friends when the fireworks go off. It will undoubtedly be a moment you won’t want to forget.


With all of the content you captured and tagged during the fourth, now is the time when Fantag Manager is your best friend. All of your content will be in one place to make easy work of naming and editing your highlights. Once everything is organized, select those highlights that really stuck out to you and make your Fourth of July highlight reel. This can then be easily shared with those who were in attendance, posted on social media for those who were not in attendance and most importantly will always be saved on your Fantag Manager account.

We love to see what you capture from any event so be sure to tag us when posting your highlights to Twitter by tagging @Fantag_live! Now get out and capture the moments that matter!

Corey Neal