Game Day with Fantag

Congratulations on using Fantag at your school. With Fantag you are able to instantly capture the best moments from the events on campus and push them out to all your fans, effectively building your community.

Understanding how to set up Fantag to make it easy to implement into your game day operations is essential to a successful Fantag-ready event. Consider this your go-to guideline for those who are using the Fantag App to record and capture their event:

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 9.38.09 AM.png

1. By now, you have likely created the event prior to game day in the Fantag Manager. If not, that’s okay. As long as you create the event in Fantag Manager before the game starts, you’ll be fine. Make sure you have assigned a Team Tagger and at least one Videographer in the event creation settings. We recommend assigning multiple to each role just in case someone can’t show up, but this can be the same person. If everyone shows up, great! Now you have multiple angles recording with one Team Tagger. The Team Tagger and Videographers are likely going to be volunteer students at your school. They can be part of the media class/club, a player on a different team, or even a student that wants to be involved in helping out.

If you need help creating an event, check out this article we’ve made.

2.  So it’s almost time for the game to begin. Your helpers have arrived, picked up their recording devices or logged into Fantag app on their personal devices and have connected to WiFi or strong cellular connection. But now you’re wondering where to place the at the event. This is going to be different for each sport. For some tips on placement for specific sports, check out this article. If the sport you’re Fantagging isn’t listed, contact us directly for some tips. The placement of your cameras is essential to capturing the best highlights from your event.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 9.45.42 AM.png

3. During the game, your Team Tagger should not only be capturing highlights by pressing the Fantag button in the app, but should take the time to rename the highlights and possibly share a couple in real time on your school's Twitter or Facebook account. They can also “Favorite” highlights in order to find them easily for later use. For more information on how to best use your Team Tagger, check out this article we made.

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4. Now is where the fun happens. Take your media team back to the classroom and go to Fantag Manager. Once you’re logged in, end the event. Now you’ll be on the Event Recap Page which shows you the full recorded video from all angles, stats from your event (how many viewed, how many team tags, how many fan tags etc…) and all of the team highlights captured by your Team Tagger. Here you can create a custom highlight reel by selecting the best highlights and selecting Create Highlight Reel. This process should take less than five minutes, depending on how long your highlight reel is. Also, in case your Team Tagger missed something, you have the ability to scrub through the full video and tag a highlight from there, even after the game has ended. If you need further help during post-game, check out this article on tagging a full recording or this article on how to create a highlight reel.

Now that you’ve read how simple it is to create video highlights with Fantag, get out there and capture your special moments!

Corey Neal