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Videographers, live streamers, broadcasters:
Fantag can help you do more with your video


Streamline production and make more money

Our mobile app and platform simplify the process of capturing, sharing, monetizing and distributing video and highlights directly to fans. This increases the value of the video already being captured, and delights audiences with instant video highlights delivered directly to their phones.

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Streamline Workflows

Create video highlights from your footage with a tap of a button — while the event is ongoing — saving you hours of time.

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Make More Money

Increase your revenue with no extra work by easily selling video highlights and highlight reels to fans and parents after the game.

Reach More People

Broaden your audience with secondary content provided to a new segment of viewers that are not watching your live broadcast.

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Delight Your Fans

Create new viewing experiences for your fans where anyone can identify, create and view video highlights right on their phones


“Any team ranging from middle school, high school, …college… up to minor league and pro can benefit from the Fantag app.

“Any play you make - get on the Sports Center top 10 (snap) just like that.”

– Max Herz, MyTV30, Nashville, TN

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How it works

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Stream to Fantag

Whether you are using one camera or multiple cameras, simply stream your footage to Fantag (either simulcast or we can re-stream it for you), and now you have the power to easily distribute video highlights to everyone - directly to their phones!

Get instant highlights

When you stream to the Fantag cloud, your audience can create instant video highlights from your footage in the Fantag app. When a spectacular play happens, they simply tap a button in the app, and an instant highlight is captured from the footage you are streaming, and appears right in their phone.

Do more with your video

All your video footage gets stored centrally in the cloud, and you get features to make the most out of your existing content. Create highlight reels with just a few clicks. Add sponsor logos and watermarks to monetize all the highlight views you get. And [COMING SOON!] set up your own e-commerce store to sell your highlights and reels directly to fans.


“We use Fantag at every home game…the kids really enjoy doing it and it creates a lot of opportunity to get video we wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

– Brina Jope, Center High School, Antelope, CA

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See how Center users Fantag for all their sports

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Let everyone get the moments that matter to them

When you live stream to the Fantag cloud, anyone can identify and capture highlights - instantly. When a remarkable play happens, anyone can tap the Fantag button in the mobile app or in Fantag Manager, and our patented technology jumps back in time and captures a video highlight of that moment from every angle that you’re capturing.

  • Easy distribution: Fans get video highlights delivered right to their phones.

  • Instant delivery: Highlights can be viewed, shared and downloaded instantly

  • Personalized: Anyone can capture the moments that matter to them with just a tap of a button

  • Streamlined production: You save hours in post-production by capturing all your highlights while the event is still happening

Get the app. It's FREE!


Manage it all in the cloud and create unlimited highlight reels

Once your event ends, log into Fantag Manager to access your full event footage, see all the highlights you created, and create highlight reels from them. To make a highlight reel, simply choose your favorite clips, select your music choice, give it a name and click "Create". It’s that easy!

  • Easy cloud storage: Stores all your video in the cloud for easy access and management

  • Event recap: Every event has a recap that displays all your footage and highlights, as well as analytics

  • Customizable settings: Flexible settings let you customize each of your events exactly as you want



Monetize your content in new ways

With options to add sponsor logos and branding to all your highlight reels and clips, you can brand and monetize your video content in a whole new way. With Fantag, video becomes another asset that you can use to build your brand, raise money, or sell to new audiences.

  • Sponsor Images: A 3-second loading image appears in front of every highlight, offering you valuable real estate for selling sponsorships

  • Watermarks: Add an optional watermark image that appears on every highlight. Use this to brand your own company, or sell it as an additional sponsorship

  • Sell your content on your own e-commerce store: Set up your own custom-branded event recap store page to easily sell your highlights, video and reels

“I’ve been doing the social media since I started 5 years ago and I never had a way of getting any of the video. So, when this (Fantag) was introduced in football in the fall, it was everything I wanted without having to go to the event.”

- Brady Fuller, IHSSN Director of Events, West Des Moines, Iowa

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