Seize the play.

Fantag was founded on the simple idea that videographers, streamers and broadcasters deserve an easier way to identify, share and monetize highlights with their audiences.

Record, Tag and Do More With Your Video

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When you record or stream to Fantag…

Whether you are recording with one camera or multiple cameras, simply stream your footage to Fantag (either simulcast or we can re-stream it for you!), and now you have the power to easily distribute video highlights to everyone - directly to their phones!

Your audience gets instant highlights…

When you stream to the Fantag cloud, your audience can create instant video highlights from your footage in the Fantag app. When a spectacular play happens, they simply tap a button in the app, and an instant highlight is captured from the footage you are streaming, and appears right in their phone.

And you can do more with your video.

Additionally, all your video footage gets stored centrally, which gives you lots of possibilities for managing your video. Create highlight reels with just a few clicks. Add sponsor logos and watermarks to monetize your content.