High school class focused on 'Jumbotron for your phone'

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. (KCRA) — Center High School is among the first schools to incorporate patented technology as part of its curriculum for the school's broadcasting class to make school events more interactive for students, parents and fans.

Brina Jope's class was also one of the first to test the Fantag app within school settings.

"It's amazing. It's super interactive because you're not just going to class to sit and listen. You can express your creativity in a way to benefit the school and the community," said Sloan Woods, a Center High school student.

Fantag is a patented technology that allows anyone capturing video to instantly upload, sync and share instant replay of highlights to anyone else connected to the app.

"It's like a Jumbotron for your phone," Fantag CEO John Stone said.

"You can be in the crowd and make your own highlights and save it to your phone or watch someone else's highlights right on your phone," said Kyle Johnson, a Center High school student.

Jope's class is utilizing the app as a way to more efficiently record and edit highlights from multiple angles as part of the school's broadcasting class. Jope said she can assign multiple students, each outfitted with an iPad, to collect and share highlights as they unfold.

"It makes pulling highlights way easier because before, you'd have to go through hours of footage to find the right play. This brings it right up," Johnson said.

The school can also monetize the highlights by offering to edit and sell them after a game or school event, Stone explained.

But for Jope, this technology has exposed her students to invaluable real-world lessons.

"The coolest thing about it is that they are out on the field doing professional-level jobs while talking to professional cameraman. They've learned a lot from the pros, a lot of good insight," Jope said.


Lynn Elliott