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Mobile video platform Fantag has inked a partnership with Sacramento Republic FC to allow fans to stream the soccer team's game highlights using Fantag’s app, beginning this summer.

Fantag Partners With Telestream On Video Experience For Sacramento Soccer Fans

Mobile video technology company Fantag has announced that it is partnering with Telestream on a video solution that enables fans to instantly capture, replay, and share moments from multiple angles with a tap on their mobile phones.

New video platform aims to improve fan experiences at live sporting events

Sports fans know how difficult it can be to capture “the moment.” You know what I’m talking about. THE goal. THE fight. THE game-changing play or epic winning celebration. But in an era of rapidly advancing technology, this struggle could soon be history.

PowerSchool co-founder named chief operating officer of Sacramento startup


At a bustling press conference in January at I/O Labs’ new space on J and 7th with the Sacramento economic development power elite, Fantag CEO Brian Dombrowski took the stage, addressing multiple film crews and scores of Sacramento’s movers and shakers to introduce his young startup to the community, celebrate their relocation from the Bay Area, and talk about their pioneering mobile video technology that enables people at live events to capture, replay, and share their favorite moments, with a simple tap on their mobile phones.

Imagine: You are sitting at a basketball game, see an awesome play or a quick, confusing turnaround or scuffle, what do you do?

You look up at the monitor to watch the replay and try to make sense of what just happened or when it’s sheer greatness you just witnessed, you momentarily re-live the play in all its glory. You stand up, cheer and high-five the strangers around you -- and in the 21st century, you try to share that experience on social media.

Fantag, a technology startup that focuses on video, launched Wednesday in Sacramento.

The company plans dual headquarters in Palo Alto and Sacramento. The firm, which employs 10, tests software that would allow people to select and save moments from a live video feed, such as a basketball game. It plans to launch a smartphone app this year.

Another tech company expands to Sacramento

Fantag, the developer of a mobile video platform, is the latest company the Greater Sacramento Economic Council has lured from the Bay Area to Sacramento.

A startup company from the Bay Area says it will expand to Sacramento. Fantag develops a mobile video platform. It allows people to capture and share live events with a mobile phone. Sorich says the company plans to hire three people in Sacramento.

The Sacramento economic development power elite were out in force today at the I/O Labs space in downtown Sacramento along with press and dozens more for the launch party of the newest startup to open operations here. Fantag is new mobile video engagement platform founded by Brian Dombrowski and Scott Bennett.


Fans will soon be able to relive the glory of an unbelievable sports play with the tap of a fingertip.

Moments at live events come and go quickly and unexpectedly. Fans can't possibly predict a sudden play so catching the action on a mobile phone is left to luck. After the initial reaction, fans tend to want to share the magic they just witnessed on social media and are left searching online for the replay instead. 

Sacramento has begun to rise as a tech hub, and that has generated excitement among leaders throughout the region.

Recently, Sacramento saw the opening of the Golden 1 Center, the most tech-savvy arena in the NBA. Now, just across the street from the arena, the technology company Fantag has been launched with new offices there and an aim towards reimagining the way live events are experienced in the age of mobile technology.

Another Bay Area tech company says it'll open up some space in Sacramento and bring local jobs with it.

The company is Fantag, created by a former sports video expert who worked for the San Jose Sharks, which that allows you to take video of any event and then hit a button to "tag" those moments that are important to you - like a great play your kids make - and to see other users' perspectives on it as well.